MISSION: Lantana Hummus tasked me with developing a brand voice for them within the context of a website redesign.

INSIGHT: While a dynamic product, Lantana’s voice lacked the dynamic of the brand itself.

SOLUTION: We had fun with the copy, telling the Lantana Hummus story in a way that was as colorful and vibrant as the products they make. I coined the phrase, we put the “Mmmmm” in hummus”, and working in concert with Tandem Design, we incorporated that idea into the website.

EXECUTIONAL NOTE: I began this process by writing a mantra, which was neither asked for or expected. It made a difference. Once embraced by the stakeholders,

the mantra informed the tone of the website. I wrote the site to be as much fun to read as their product is to eat. Well almost.

The tone of the mantra also informed their social media posts.

Bon Apetite’.