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MISSION: Establish tone for an organic tampon company that connects strongly with millennials.

INSIGHT: There is a fine line to walk when you’re talking about something as delicate as your, well, you know.

IDEA: Position MyBoxShop as a company that wants to see women rid lives from their lives.


BACKSTORY: It began with an innocent call from an old friend, a super smart planner who had just done foundational work for an organic tampon service called My Box Shop.

His client was desperately in need of a millennial writer to help them establish the voice and tone for their brand which was due to launch January 1st. 2019.

Long story short, I pitched him on the idea of presenting an unlikely solution. Two men. A father and son team. You guessed it. Two headed Cam.

We started by writing a mantra which the lady founders absolutely loved. Right back at you.

Next came the website, and a big ol’ care package of social ideas that fell out of the brand voice we’d created.

Special thanks to William Gelner, a killer West Coast Creative Director, who sits on the brand’s board of directors, and company founders, Kendra and Marissa, for being such a pleasure to work with. Y’all rock.