“Cam’s not only a brilliant creative, but he’s also a great mentor to those who are still new to the game. Hit him up if you need some guidance.”

– Rick Lambert, ACD/Copywriter – Sukle Advertising, Denver, CO

“When it comes to writing, Cam’s in rarefied air. When it comes to mentorship, I know none better. Happy to count this man among my friends, and even more so among my teachers. Get his number, and take his advice.”

 Chase Zreet, Copywriter, Content Creator, W+K, New York

“Spend five minutes talking to Cam and you’ll learn something new. Whether it’s advertising or custom shift knobs, his passion for creative pursuits is genuine. That authenticity shows up in his work, and he’s one of the rare super talents who doesn’t need to be an asshole to be a rock star. I love the guy. Especially when he buys me beer.”

– Scott Johnson, Freelance CD/Writer, San Diego, CA

“I was too stupid to listen to my father when I was a young creative, so I always asked my brother for advice. It was always smart, unquestionably fair, and to my eternal shame, often ignored. We all know how that worked out.

Cam, on the other hand, leaned on my dad’s brain as often as possible, and coupled with his own excellent instincts, parlayed it into an excellent career. He’s single-handedly made sure the name Day still garners the respect it deserves, and I could not be more proud of him.”

– Bill Day, Influential Blogger, Content Creator, Brand Raconteur, Blood Brother

“Let’s just say that Cameron and I were meant to cross paths. The day I reached out to him, I knew I was in for a real surprise. Not only was he willing to talk to a rookie writer, he was ready to take it a step further and do something every creative fears – give a brutally honest, fate-searing book review with tissues included.

 Little did I know that this feedback would kick my career into motion. He took my stronger campaigns, my correctly spelled headlines, and taught me how to make them bulletproof. In the grand scheme of things, maybe it was just writing about pancakes. But to me, it was a big deal. A chance to prove my writing chops. 

 Cameron had a plan. Sometimes jokes. But what Cameron did for me was give me the foundation to be the writer I knew I could be. He helped me get my first copywriting job in the business – all because of thoughtful feedback. And for that, I’d drop what I’m doing any day to take the guy to lunch or even write this review.

Final words? Seriously incredible human, mentor, and creative wingman.” 

– Sydney Bonner Copywriter, Content Strategist, DNA Advertising, Seattle, WA

"Honesty. Generosity. Kind. Insightful. Those four words describe Cameron Day both as a mentor and a human being. If you ask his opinion whether it be about an agency, the newest campaign, or your work he's candid with you. But isn't by any means a savage about it. He's generous and kind in taking the time and interest in guiding others to improve themselves and treats you like family. He also has an incredible insight into the ad industry with numerous and riveting stories to go along with them. 

Last, but not least what makes Cameron an excellent creative and mentor is his thoughtfulness into everything when it comes to problems and taking those that he has mentored to new heights. Did I mention that he has a sense of humor that makes him a genuine pleasure to work with? If there is one thing I've learned from Cameron Day is this: Speak up and be completely unapologetic about being who you are and embrace it."

— Shane Matula, Entry-level AD, Designer and Brand Strategist, North Texas University Graduate

“My first dose of authentic SoCal advertising doctrine came to me years ago in Austin by way of a 6’5” gear head named Cam, first at one ad shop and then years later at another. His kid-like energy and abandon for the norms led us to some shiny book pieces together, most of them procured about 48 hours shy of a deadline, leaving us plenty of time to discuss Tiki-themed 1965 Chevrolet Suburbans and vintage International Travel-alls.”

– Michael Anderson - GCD - McGarrah Jessee, Austin TX

Cameron is a full-fledged one-man pit crew. It’s up to you to drive the car but he’ll be damn sure you’re in the tippest toppest shape. He’s awful at bad advice”
–  Andrew Knight, Art Director, Designer, and Sometimes Writer, Austin, TX

Quote coming.

– Riley Shine, Senior Art Director, Content Strategist, Preacher, Austin, TX