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 Art Director Michael Anderson and I went back and forth debating whether a line was needed. In retrospect, I'm kind of glad I listened to him.         
 Constantly seeking ways to get more bang for our brew, we bought postings above urinals in Austin bars and nightclubs during SXSW festival. We let the big breweries throw down the boo-koo bucks to be "official" sponsors of the event and settled for hitting people where they recycled their brew.        .   
 We discovered it helped to have the brewery worker looking upward in this particular execution. 
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 In celebration of Shiner's 100-year anniversary, I penned this three-leak history lesson. Michael Anderson art directed it. James Mikus tossed a couple nudges and winks.       
 Day One of ACL 2009, attendees were greeted with the unfortunate news.
 We arranged to have our Day One board replaced with a new message to potential beer smugglers on Day Two.   
 On Day Three, we officially forgave Shiner lovers for spending their festival with another brand's beer. After all, we believe that absence makes the heart grow thirstier. 
 The next several ads feature headlines I wrote for the original Brewery Workers campaign which used actual employees. It was my distinct pleasure to put a few of my own words in their mouths. The first generation of ads were designed by a young art director named Beau Hanson. The second evolution of the campaign, featuring the yellow color palette was designed by Michael Anderson.      
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 We called them 12-oz. Films. The idea came from a round-table working session where we were brainstorming for ways to reinforce Shiner's Texas independence. The idea was to align ourselves with independent Texas musical artists. We generated questions and I performed a series of interviews filming artists young and old, covering a wide range of topics. We talked about their passions, their creative processes, coaxed funny stories from them and of course, talked a little about Shiner beer. Meredith Roach produced this series and Craig Crutchfield provided the design.    
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