MISSION: Bolster Range Rover sales in spite of the automotive press touting a BMW V8 power plant that was 18 months from production. 

INSIGHT: With no compelling reason for a bonafide car enthusiast to purchase a 2001 model we pushed beyond car enthusiasts and told the Range Rover's global brand story.  

IDEA: Avoid the car mags completely. Target captains of industry with WSJ ads highlighting the Range Rover's rich history and global status. The series of full-page, long-copy WSJ newspaper ads romanced the vehicle's rich history and treated product attributes as secondary.  

We created a magazine campaign targeting high net worth individuals who fancied themselves "worldly", running in travel pubs and business pubs  instead of automotive buff books.

Below are the ads that I wrote. Lou Flores art directed the magazine print, and the WSJ newspaper was a collaboration between Lou, and fellow art directors Rob Story and Steve Newton under with design direction from GCD/AD David Crawford.