THE MISSION: Get folks to care about pollinators and help them survive.

INSIGHT: Most people aren’t aware that pollinators are in real trouble, and just how important they are to our food chain.

IDEA: Encourage people to do something tangible to help pollinators proliferate. Something that consumers can feel good about. Like planting stuff, eating organic, or simply turning off their porch lights. Anything to put pollinators in the mood to, well, you know.

We created a series of five Whole Foods-branded short educational films through animator Nikolay Lyutskanov of Nice Factory in Brooklyn, NY.

THE RESULT: I don't have the metrics. The films were produced by Caitlin Riley, then a producer/project manager/overall badass at Whole Foods, who has since left.

My mom liked them a lot, if that counts for anything. 


  • Wrote the theme line and the the call to action, “Let’s Put the World in a Better State to Pollinate.”

  • Wrote each film like a children’s book, sharing interesting and compelling facts.

  • Strove to educate without alarming the consumer, a fine line given the situation.

  • Imparted constructive and simple examples of what people can do to help pollinators.

  • Drafted initial versions for all five scripts, and the pollinator script in its entirety, within agreed-to scope.

  • Sent them to my mom.

NOTE: Caitlin Riley, who has produced films for both HBO and Whole Foods, is also available freelance and comes highly recommended. Shoot me an email if I can make an introduction. Now go plant something while eating something organic with the porch light off.  You're officially helping. That wasn't so hard, now was it?